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G R A S S L A N D S is an independent outdoor artist run space in Selly Oak, Birmingham, UK.


The space is open to creative makers and thinkers at any stage of their career, to enable them to make, explore, experiment and collaborate with others.


All participants are encouraged to step outside their usual creative practice to consider alternative approaches to contemporary art making and discover potential new ways of working, producing and displaying art.


GRASSLANDS will aim to offer 4  weekend residencies a year (up to a maximum of 4 participants at each residency) and will be showcasing 2 weekend events a year from 2017.


GRASSLANDS will support participants through informal group crits, one-to-one's, technical resources, free parking, great food and overnight accomodation.


GRASSLANDS was launched in October 2015 by Artist Dan Auluk as a response to unused space in a section of his back garden.


Produced by

Dan Auluk


Food and Hospitallity

Jamie Cox



G is for group activity, occupation and collaboration.


R is for reactivation of space and to leave a residue of activity behind.


A is for NO audiences unless audience becomes part of the activity but not as spectator.


 S is for S   P      A      C   E  and time to think through and test initial ideas by means of critical discussion and reflection.


 S is for sharing of ideas, processes, skills and approaches to making and testing.


L is for learning and listening to each other and not working in isolation.



A is for trying out new approaches to making and testing.



N is to find NEW discoveries about your creative practice and that of others through collaborative intersections.



D is for Dan Auluk the Producer of Grasslands who will be there to offer practical and critical support.



S is for selecting creative people who will benefit from this exchange and help Grasslands grow and develop.