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"For Grasslands I want to look at the space as a curated site, examining how a body or bodies could move through the site, denoting certain sections where particular rules or particular actions would happen, this can be theoretically or physically using temporary materials such as chalk, paint or sandpaper.


I would like to invite performance artists' to activate those areas observing their conversation, gestures and movements, both scripted moments and natural or naturalised situations. There will be an element of fiction and reality that merges into one.


Within those spaces I want to examine one single aspect of sociological theory, working on multiple ways of examining that, repeating, re-staging layering, using film, still photography, sound recordings, scripts or other methods or just observation.  


The working title is Validation Response."

- Sonya Russell Saunders

"I wish to use Grasslands as a thinking space. Also to create some sculpture leaving a piece in the gardens when I leave as a residue.


Being at Grasslands will benefit me by working in a different space/area giving me time to think and plan."

- Sarah Fortes Mayer

Date: Oct 10/11 2015