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Date: Jan 17/18/23 2016

“The Glasshouse”/“People in glass houses”


In the greenhouse we are inside a house of glass. In a house we would expect some privacy but in the “glasshouse” we are on constant display like a living sculpture or a stage performer. Protected and nurtured but also exposed, both to the beneficial effects of sunlight but also to the gaze of the passer-by or the viewer. In the glasshouse activity becomes ritualised, every movement becomes self-conscious and deliberate, perhaps we are trapped? “The glasshouse” is after all a term for military prison.


I see this intensely confined space for growth and thought containing a table and chair and a light, the signs of habitation and studious endeavour. The light is on, someone must be home, books are open on the table and pages are being drawn on, turned and torn.


It is the opposite of the Observatory probing the heavens; here the exploration is inward, a mind at work, drawing threads together and making connections.

- Ian Andrews


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