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Date:June 4 2016

We have been working with clay as a sculptural material, exploring its properties when combined with other very specific materials in our current collaborative project. In our work at Grasslands we would like to experiment with a broader range of additional materials combined with the unpredictability of a natural/outside environment.


We propose to begin working on a sculpture, or series of small sculptures, comprising naturally occurring elements found at Grasslands, using the clay to bind these elements together into totemic sculptural forms.


We’d like to play with notions of contingent materiality, unstable media and temporal, intractable form. Whatever we produce on the day, we intend to leave outside, exposed to the elements. As the clay will remain unfired, we are curious about how it will weather, change and evolve over the following days / weeks. Since our current project examines how specific natural forces (organisms) and environmental conditions can impact sculptural work, this will provide an opportunity to broaden the scope of our research.

- Ben Harding & Matt Gale

Touching Spaces.


‘Touching spaces’ is a system I have been working on for the past 6 months exploring the potential to create or extend space by means of digital projection. In particular it is concerned with the moment when a projected image touches the physical space that it is projected in to and what this does to the original spaces in terms of disrupting their existence and how new space is generated at this juncture. In previous projects I have used a system where data is collected and audiovisual works are made subsequent to that, but while I do plan for there to be elements of documentation and recording, for Grasslands I would propose to create a live environment that responds to the space and people in it live in real time. It would be good to pick up elements of other artists presence and remnants of work in the projection but this is left to chance. The piece should be like an unassuming reflection. In any case the opportunity to be working in a natural outdoors location lends itself well due to the inherent life, motion and dimensions of the space.

- Oscar Cass-Darweish


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