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Date: Nov 26/27 2016

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I would like to work on a one metre square area of the garden.

(Archaeologists use a one metre grid square to map the position of their excavation.)


I am intrigued by the idea of going below Grasslands ground level - and documenting what I find.


One idea is to carefully remove the top layer of vegetation, place it intact on a one metre board, dig down one metre, (perhaps line the inside of the hole with plastic mirror), make a welded metal frame and place the vegetation on its board one metre above the top of the hole.


- Patrick Goodall

A Catalogue of the intangible.


Using the time to investigate Grasslands much as exploers of the 17th and 18th century did. Mirroring the English arrogance by claiming to be the first to have discovered Grasslands in spite of the indigenous inhabitants.

The actual catalogue will be not of the physical elements of the space but instead the emotions which I encounter. More a record of a personal journey though the space which can be followed or stumbled across. Like all trials time will erode the path I take rendering it lost.


- Alex Billingham


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