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Ian Andrews

Date: Jul 22/23

Grasslands offers the perfect opportunity to explore the boundaries and relations between nature and the urban environment. Situated in a suburb, my primary objective is to provoke a discussion about the importance of isolated gardens in an urban setting and how significant it is for these wildlife communities to be recognised in human culture.  

Material pallet will be consisting of industrial material, composed from the neighboring shops, streets and bins. The dialogue between the Ready-Made and the natural environment is something that satisfies me and i shall be constructing a sculptural form inspired by the world of insects, plants and bacteria that resides in the ‘Grasslands’. The arrangement, all being well, should hover above human height to create the allusion of the dominant species amongst human interaction. The challenge is to rediscover the connections that remain in our natural surroundings but the difficulty is that we have barriers that blind us to those interconnections with the natural world. To summarise, my secondary objective provokes an additional discussion about the importance of Biodiversity; a contraction of "biological diversity," the variety and unpredictability of life on Earth in our very own human habitats, so that we don’t overlook the importance the natural world in our own quest for a sustainable world.



- Damian Massey


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